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 Rules of My Village

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PostSubject: Rules of My Village   Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:39 am

These are the official rules of Rockwithsaya's Village. It's VERY important that everyone reads this before they register!!!!!

1. No swearing, cussing, or saying things that may be offensive or hurt someone else's feelings.

2. Do NOT post anything on this site with personal information included. Leave out things like your real name, address, name of school or neighborhood, phone number, or anything that will give anyone a way of reaching your real life property. I want this to be safe for you so please don't give out any personal info!!

3.Do NOT ask anyone for personal information such as the items listed above. This could offend someone and you will be reported. To report someone, you simply have to email me at:
or click on the email button below this post.I will make sure to read your emails in case you're having any problems.

4. ONLY talk/write about things that have to do with Clubpenguin. Do NOT write about other online games or uninteresting things off of the subject. This site is meant to only be for Clubpenguin purposes.

Thank you for reading the rules!!!! I hope you all have a safe, fun time on Rockwithsaya's Village!!!!
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Rules of My Village
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